About Our Pastor

When you or someone you love is struggling…healing and restoration through Christ are One Step away.

Pastor Kevin O’Brien
I spent the first half of my adult life in bondage to an addiction to alcohol. In 1996, facing the very real prospect of losing my family, I received the clinical help that I needed in order to get sober. Even though I gained my sobriety, I kept an unhealthy distance from God and for the following 10 years I drifted. My sin nature remained in control.

In 2007, I recommitted my life to Jesus Christ and everything changed. God provided healing to me and my family. Addiction no longer defined me and God revealed His wonderful plan for my life. I was given the opportunity to share Jesus Christ with other brothers and sisters struggling in addiction and, thanks to the Holy Spirit’s gift of the One Step Ministry, I can now show them the great promise of healing and redemption found through an abiding faith in Jesus.”
One Step

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